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Who are we?

For recipients, the Héma-Québec Foundation represents a second chance at life. Generosity and collaboration are important to us, because they allow us to pursue our mission.

/ Purpose and mission

Giver of the gift of life

We give the gift of life by funding innovative and strategic projects for Héma-Québec so that together we can build a better future for generations of Quebec recipients and their families.

/ June 7 2020

A word from the executive director

The Héma-Québec Foundation’s mission is to give the gift of life by funding innovative and strategic projects for Héma-Québec so that together we can build a better future for generations of Quebec recipients and their families.

The wellbeing of these families is our top priority, which is why we support Héma-Québec above all, especially in these challenging times.

These days Héma-Québec is working actively day and night, seven days a week in order to secure its blood reserves during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’d like to take the opportunity to remind you of the ongoing importance of giving blood since 1000 blood donations are needed each day to ensure the optimal level of reserves. Héma-Québec finds itself on the front lines of the pandemic, making sure this is achievable.

One of the Héma-Québec Foundation’s major projects is support for the ABDV (Association of Blood Donation Volunteers).

Currently, to achieve its goals, Héma-Québec is collaborating closely with this association which focuses on the intensive recruitment of new donors, and has as its mandate to recruit and train volunteers in order to support blood drives during the pandemic. The ABDV is now confronted with a sizable challenge: the loss of 70% of its active volunteers, aged 70 and older. Because volunteers are needed to support blood drives, the Association is working tirelessly to process hundreds of new requests.

With your support, I am beyond convinced that we will be able to continue to pursue our mission, and pay it forward.

Thank you for the invaluable support you show every day!

My story: I laughed to die

/ Board of directors

Board of Directors

The members of our board of directors are professionals who voluntarily share their expertise and skills to help carry out our mission. We thank them for their commitment, which allows us to achieve inspiring results.

Paul Balthazard

Chair of the Board of Directors

Vice President and Regional Director, Quebec, RBC Dominion Securities

Nathalie Fagnan

Ex-officio Director

President and CEO, Héma-Québec

Emmanuelle Leclerc-Granger

Chief Financial Officer

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group

Patrick Bérard

Foundation Secretary

Executive Director, Héma-Québec Foundation

Pierre Gauthier


Cain Lamarre Casgrain Wells S.E.N.C.R.L. / Avocats

Miville Mercier


Provincial President of the Association of Blood Donation Volunteers

Sophie English


Senior Vice President, Entreprises (Canada), nCino Inc.

Nadine Lalande


Director, Solutions d’entrepris Ovivo

Andréa Fortin


Director, Brand Strategy, Publicis

Nancy Milot


Co Founder, Gipsy agence créative virtuelle

Rodrigo Arrambide


Director of Commercial Operations, Taiga Motors

Thi Be Nguyen


Director, Office of the President and Philanthropy, National Bank

/ Our team

A bright, dynamic team

At the Héma-Québec Foundation, we operate with a small but mighty team. Our mission matters to us, and we are constantly working to develop ideas that will make a difference in the lives of others.

Patrick Bérard

Executive Director and recipient


514-832-5000 x6150

Stéphanie Parent

Communications and Business Development Coordinator