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Planned giving

In addition to the various types of standard donations (one-time, monthly) and the purchase of merchandise, there exist many ways of giving to the Héma-Québec Foundation through a planned gift.

Several types of planned gifts are available. However, the ones presented here are limited to the types received by foundations in more than 95% of cases.

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You can plan to make a donation that will be given to the Foundation after your death. But you need to plan now.

A bequest confers fiscal advantages that can allow you to substantially reduce the tax burden of your estate. This means that a bequest made to the Foundation upon your death allows you to support a cause that matters to you, while passing on significant tax savings.

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Gift of shares

This type of planned gift allows you to donate shares, bonds, mutual funds or employee stock option shares. When you make a gift of shares, you are exempt from capital gains tax. You will also get a tax receipt for the fair market value, in addition to the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will be used right away.

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Life insurance policy

There are several ways to plan a gift of life insurance, whether you have a permanent or term policy. The specific terms of the donation depend on your goals, your age and your family situation. A donation of life insurance gives you access to significant tax savings. To take advantage of the tax benefits right away, you must designate the Héma-Québec Foundation as the beneficiary and owner of your policy. You will receive a tax receipt for the cash surrender value of the policy, if applicable, and another receipt every time you pay your premiums.

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