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Serology program

Héma-Québec offers cutting-edge training to blood bank technicians around the world to help them better address immunohematology-related problems encountered in the laboratory. 

Héma-Québec offers a training program that aims to provide methodology and techniques to solve simple and complex immunological problems encountered in transfusional medicine.

 This online tool offers greater flexibility to participants as well as a high level of support from trainers. The course is offered in French, English and Spanish. Course modules, divided into two levels, are used around the world.

The fact that the course has been accredited by recognized institutions as well as its partnerships with the Héma-Québec Foundation and several large companies working in the industry speak to the quality of the course, and contribute to its growth and reach. To date, more than 1,600 participants from some 50 countries have used the training platform. Among them, more than 275 Héma-Québec employees, including both laboratory technicians and nurses, have completed the course as part of regulatory training or to meet the required hours of continuing education mandated by their respective professional orders. So far, participants have been 55% francophone, 23% anglophone and 18% hispanophone.

 Satisfaction surveys sent to hospitals and course evaluations completed by participants demonstrate a high level of satisfaction.

 The content offering is constantly being diversified thanks to the publication of new immunohematology content. Moreover, accredited, free training dealing, for example, with stem cells and human tissue, have been made available to hospitals and health professionals.

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Serology program


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