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Get involved.

Want to lend us a hand in a way that goes beyond a monetary donation? We are constantly on the lookout for heroes who will help us make a difference in a variety of ways: by getting involved in one of our events or by organizing a benefit event. The choice is yours!

/ Get involved

Organize an event

There are so many ways to give back and show your gratitude. Occasionally people who’ve received human biological products from Héma-Québec choose to give back by organizing a fundraiser to benefit the Héma-Québec Foundation.

The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. Organize a benefit-brunch, a bake sale or a garage sale. Go for a theme night, a golf tournament or a friendly soccer match. Celebrate your birthday by asking for donations to the Héma-Québec Foundation in lieu of gifts.

To support your fundraising efforts, we will promote your event on our  Facebook and  Instagram, pages, and in the  «News» section of our website.  

If you’re interested in organizing an event, contact us! We’ll help you figure out what steps to take.

* Note in light of the COVID-19 situation: please make sure to follow all current government regulations (social distancing, gathering size, etc.) before organizing an event. There is also the option of a virtual event.

/ Patrick Bérard

An inspiring example.

While fighting a deadly cancer, Patrick received 300 transfusions in order to survive. Now, he gives back in his own way, by organizing fundraising events for the Foundation. His various initiatives led to the creation of the Patrick Bérard Fund. To date, the events connected to this fund have raised more than $210,014. And his work isn’t done yet — today, Patrick is Executive Director of the Foundation!