“ By giving blood, you can help change someone’s life. Every blood donation can save up to three lives, so don’t wait. Give blood.

– Michael Goldwax, Brandon’s dad

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Brandon’s story

Brandon Baran-Goldwax, born premature, 15 weeks too soon, owes his life to his parents, from whom he needed blood transfusions from birth. 

Brandon wasn’t able to fight off infections due to an immature immune system. Hours after he was born, it was clear that he needed blood transfusions. Michael, Brandon’s father, worked tirelessly to be able to help his son by giving blood. He was subjected to a high iron diet in order to be able to give blood multiple times to ensure that his son would survive. This incredible success story was possible thanks to the devotion of two doctors, Dr. Lajos Kovacs and Dr. Apostolos Papageorgiou.

Today, Brandon takes full advantage of life and, with the support of his family, has committed to the Héma-Québec cause by organizing an annual blood drive in his Hampstead community. Michael, his dad, as municipal councillor for Hampstead, has been taking the initiative to invite the local population to save lives since 2007.

Every year Michal, his wife Wendy, Brandon and his sister Megan are regular donors and incredibly they surpass their goals every year. In doing so they hope to inspire the community to also give more.

They also support the Héma-Québec Foundation by sharing their story and contributing financially to help us in our mission.

Your donations allow Brandon and his family to continue their support of Héma-Québec and the Foundation.

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