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People with a named fund are those who have been personally touched in one way or another by the Héma-Québec Foundation’s cause, and wish for their story to leave a lasting mark.

Dr. Francine Décary Fund

In 1998, when the Red Cross announced that it was withdrawing from blood-related activities, Dr. Décary founded Héma-Québec and took its helm. She quickly set a high bar for excellence. The Dr. Francine Décary Fund, with net assets of $259 492  at March 31, 2021, allows the Foundation to provide financial support for certain Héma-Québec projects.


Smaranda Ghibu Fund

Smaranda Ghibu was present for the creation of Héma-Québec in 1998 and gave 20 years of her life to the organization. She left a legacy of integrity and rigor, as well as profound compassion. The aim of the Smaranda Ghibu Fund is to bring projects to life that fit within the mission of the Foundation. The fund currently holds $15 380 .


Patrick Bérard Fund

While fighting a deadly cancer, Patrick received 300 transfusions in order to survive. His various initiatives led to the creation of the Patrick Bérard Fund, which held net assets of $244 127 at March 31, 2021. Since 2015, Patrick has been the executive director of the Héma-Québec Foundation.


Pauline Tremblay Fund

In 2006, Pauline Tremblay created a fund in her name, which held net assets of $27 504 at March 31, 2021. Ms. Tremblay became, over the years, the Foundation’s largest individual donor in recognition of the blood donors who helped her partner after a cancer diagnosis. 



The ABDV Fund has a mandate to help fund major projects to further the missions of Héma-Québec, the ABDV and the Foundation. At March 31, 2021 the net assets in the fund totalled $320 809 .


Stem cell fund and human tissues fund

It’s also possible to contribute to the Stem cell fund and the Human tissues fund, which support the institution of measures aiming to improve the performance of processes that connect donors and recipients throughout the chain. The net assets of these Funds as at March 31, 2021 were $84,186 for stem cells and $5,003 for human tissue.

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Give in memory

Give in memory of a recently deceased loved one or mark the anniversary of a death in a special way by making a donation to the Héma-Québec Foundation. In addition to honouring your loved one, you will be giving the gift of life to those who rely on the Foundation. The family of the deceased will be informed of your generosity with a personalized letter.

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