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Program to educate and recruit plasma donor.

Plasma is a blood component that allows us not only to save lives, but to make a difference in the daily lives of those who need it most. The Héma-Québec Foundation funds the effort to recruit and educate plasma donors.

This program is part of Héma-Québec’s strategic plan, which includes a requirement to meet the essential needs of Quebec’s immunosuppressed population. These are people who receive plasma-derived treatments once a month or more.

Since the need for this type of product continues to rise unabated, Héma-Québec has implemented a plasma donation strategy to try to close the gap between supply and demand. One of the greatest challenges is in educating and recruiting new plasma donors. There is a huge lack of awareness of the importance of plasma and its benefits, and there is still no better recruitment strategy than person-to-person, which requires the active presence of volunteers across every region of Quebec.

To that end, the Héma-Québec Foundation has provided financial support to the Association of Blood Donation Volunteers (ABDV) for many years. The ABDV plays the critical role of ensuring the education and recruitment of new plasma donors.

The funding required to support this program is $1,250,000 over the next five years. These funds are used to support education efforts through the development of effective communications tools (videos, virtual and electronic materials, support of the ABDV throughout Quebec, etc.).

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Plasma Donor Education and Recruitment Program


1 250 000$

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