Organize a fundraising event

There are many ways to give back to Héma-Québec . To express their appreciation, people who have received numerous transfusions, or who have a loved one whose life was saved thanks to the gift of blood, will sometimes choose to organize a fundraising event to benefit the Héma-Québec Foundation.

You are limited only by your imagination. Organize a fundraising brunch, a bake sale or a garage sale. Put together a theme party, a golf tournament or a friendly soccer match. Make your birthday extra special by asking for donations to the Héma-Québec Foundation instead of presents.

To help support your efforts, we will promote your event on our Facebook page and in the recent news section of our website. Your generosity  could be highlighted in the “Thank you to those who support us” area, on the homepage of our website.

Call us at 514-832-5000, extension 5372 to discuss the next steps to take. Your can also write us at Thank you!

An Inspiring Example:

Patrick Bérard

After receiving hundreds of transfusions while fighting cancer, Patrick Bérard chose to give back in his own way by organizing special events to benefit the Foundation, leading to the creation of the Patrick Bérard Fund. Through the events associated with the Fund, he has succeeded in raising more than $95,000, and counting! The story of Patrick Bérard…