The Agnello Open 2018

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The Agnello open 2018 organized by the Sanniti family in honor of Mr. Giuseppe Tenore to benefit the Héma-Québec Foundation 

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Giuseppe Tenore was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend to so many. To those who have attended our annual tournament and BBQ, you may remember him as you see him in this photo; by the grill with his hat, cooking the lamb; the namesake of this tournament.

In those days, this tournament was simply a way to get together with family and friends from near and far for a fun game of golf once a year. After the golf game, a backyard BBQ, a trophy for pride and the opportunity to shoulder an old winter jacket as symbol for victory, continue to be the traditions we hold dear. As the group of golfers grew each year, and we decided to support charitable causes, Giuseppe did not have the opportunity to join in the fun anymore.

Approximately ten years ago, Giuseppe Tenore was diagnosed with myelofibrosis, a serious bone marrow disorder that disrupts the body’s ability to produce blood cells. Over the course of his illness, he received hundreds of blood transfusions, and towards the end of his life almost on a weekly basis.

Without the work of Hema Quebec and those blood transfusions, the course of his disease would not have been the same. He survived and even thrived at some points over the course of his struggle because of the transfusions that he received. Though his disease got more serious and fatal over time, it was the blood transfusions that gave him so many more years of life and the opportunity to live it to the fullest with his family and friends.

That is why this year, the Agnello Open honours his memory by donating all of the funds raised to Hema Quebec, so that this organization may continue to provide life saving opportunities to others.

This tournament is a small and casual family gathering with the goal of doing something worthwhile for those in need. While our group is small in size, the hearts and generous spirits of those who participate each year are massive; a true testament to the saying that a little bit can go a long way.